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Real Estate Offices

  • Technology/SAAS & Workflows Audit
  • Websites & Automated Marketing

(Hubspot & ActiveCampaign)

  • Integrations
  • Custom Software
  • Data, Dashboards & Performance Reports
  • Innovation & Strategy

Franchise Groups

  • Data, Dashboards & Performance Reports
  • Group-wide Tech/SAAS Audit
  • Office Websites & Automated Marketing

(Hubspot & ActiveCampaign)

  • Integrations
  • Custom Software
  • Franchise & Change Management
  • Innovation & Strategy

Prop-Tech Startups

  • Code Review & Audit, Due Diligence
  • Managed software dev services

(starting at 2 weeks/sprint)

  • Websites & Automated Marketing

(Hubspot & ActiveCampaign)

  • Backlog and Product best practices
  • Data, Dashboards & Performance Reports
  • Innovation & Strategy

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Our Why

Founders Nathan and Kendall are passionate about global wellness and the connection to our earth and soil on which we stand.

To support this passion, KNIC proudly works with leading not-for-profits and charities on telling the stories and supporting farmers and communities to transition to regenerative farming practices, syntropic agriculture and permaculture through-out Australia to bring back local food chains and improve personal health.

Who are We?

Founded in 2022, KNIC Ventures is based in Brisbane, Qld.

Our team is led by founder Nathan Krisanski and spread across the globe with

staff in Brisbane, Sydney, South Africa, India and The Phillipines.

Nathan Krisanski

Director and Primary Consultant

Nathan Krisanski is an entrepreneur, data geek, father and gardener. His professional career over the past 20 years has spanned Med-tech and Prop-tech including Senior Data Analyst with Ray White, Data Visualization & Product at CoreLogic, Startup founder of HomePrezzo, Product at ActivePipe and now Founder and Strategic Consultant with KNIC Ventures.

In 2023 Nathan and KNIC Ventures are working with the NAR Reach cohort as the tech mentor.

Nathan works in the unique space between business and tech with strong understanding of both sides to build and scale SAAS businesses.

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