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Are you in control of your technology? Or is your tech in control of you?

If you've got people moving information from one system to another, workflows that reflect what you bought out of the box rather than your own secret sauce, and people pouring over Excel spreadsheets for monthly performance reporting, KNIC Ventures can help. 

At KNIC Ventures we help you take control of your tech, align and automate common workflows and derive more value from your data so it all works together, value from your data so it all works together, behaves the way you want and helps grow your business. 

KNIC Ventures customises your existing technology solutions, can make recommendations for what you might need, or develop your own proprietary tech - based on your personal vision for your business. 

Our unique model is affordable, flexible and accountable. 

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How KNIC Ventures Works


We'll discuss with you what your goals are for your technology, understand what you're currently using and what does or doesn't work, how you'd like to see it fixed, and the successful outcomes you want for the project. You don't need to speak geek! We're fluent in understanding tech pain points.


Provide us with access to the backend of your systems and we'll review and audit what we find to confirm where the issues lie, what needs to be done to address them and what kind of solutions will achieve your goals. We will also do a quick security and capacity check while we're there. 


The next step is to come back to you with a Response & Scope document that outlines what we found, the work that needs to be done to achieve a successful results and a quote and timeline. We will present this to you to get your feedback and identify a suitable rollout plan that fits your business. 


Once the plan is agreed, Nathan personally briefs our project and tech team. Work will commence and you'll receive weekly/monthly updates. 

Why KNIC Ventures

The developer and tech support space is full of companies promising to deliver apps and technology that will change your business and life. Offshore businesses promise this cheaply but are unlikely to understand the Australian property landscape, while onshore providers come with steep price tags. 

Great technology executions can only occur with a solid brief. Get that wrong and it can cost you thousands of wasted dollars on tech that doesn't do what you want, or even worse, breaks your existing systems and requires expensive rework. 

KNIC Ventures is run by Nathan Krisanski, an experienced Australian proptech veteran with 15+ years subject matter experience in real estate technology and property data. 

KNIC Ventures combines the best of both worlds with highly experienced Australian proptech, real estate and data specialists briefing and overseeing the QA of a permanent and carefully selected offshore team. 

We can take on tech projects big or small, renovations or new builds, and are specialists in data visualisations and integrations. 

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